04 Juni 2011

Because of you


Because of you, my life's change…


You refers to all special buddies who always listen your sadness, always smiling on your success, and always talk out of your mistaken



Me, my self?

Many changes, of course.

That's life, don't you?

Time's ticking, you'll meet someone, then you'll separated, then meet somebody else, say good bye again.. then.. and then…, circulating..

Do we bored?

Nope, not at all

That's life.

Because of them, our life's colour up

Because of them, we learned meaning of love, respect, anger, sadness, laugh, hurt, loss… everything


Each of us, has a special scenario script which choosed by Him, The Merciest One, the best scenario! for sure.

Now, the things that we should do is be a positive thinker, for everything, for every part or our life.


There's no bad weather, the fact is always good weather, it depends on our gratefulness to God to everything ^_^


*dedicated to everyone who changed my life, thanks for everything!

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